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A common scenario on the market is as follows:

  1. A large number of companies that supply and provide servicing of customer´s pumping machines.  Fragmented management and communication leading to a poor or non-complex approach to the customers needs.
  2. Obscure methods of repair (poor or no overview of which supplier is engaged in pump repair or of progress in repair, etc.)
  3. The original suppliers are only able to provide servicing for one brand/pump manufacturer, or for a narrow range of pumps in their own portfolio.


The client enters with us into a service contract covering the entire range of the pump portfolio under clearly defined and clear rules and conditions for servicing the equipment concerned. The service contract provides the following benefits and conditions:

  • A comprehensive range of servicing operations
  • Repairs, maintenance and preventive inspections of pumps
  • A comprehensive range of represented and serviced brands/manufacturers
  • A simple and efficient system of reporting service requests
  • A simple and efficient system of shipping the pumps to our service centers and back to the client’s site
  • Predetermined conditions and methods of price calculations for operation provided
  • Priority to address issues
  • Preventive inspections and diagnostics of pumps using specialized devices:
  • Use of a laser device for setting up couplings, a device for selective diagnostic control and detection of causes and extent of faults, a device for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of electric motors (measurement of insulation and leakage resistance, short-circuits between turns, surge test)
  • All diagnostic devices make it possible to export condition data and measured values to a protocol that provides the client with a comprehensive and verified picture of the state of equipment diagnosed.


  • Reduced number of suppliers, your responsible personnel communicate with only one supplier
  • More efficient, faster and clearer communication
  • Improved overview of the state and technical condition of pumps serviced
  • Reduction in repair cost as a result of increased turnover with the general provider of repairs, where more favourable terms and condition are available.
  • Your responsible employees can pursue other activities more efficiently because they leave the complete agenda related to maintenance and repairs of pump machines to a specialized service partner.
  • With the service contract, the client has got a service partner, to whom the client can turn with confidence at any time when a problem related to the pump technology or operation occurs.    

The most important clients enjoying the service contracts with  PRAKTIKPUMP s.r.o include the following water and sewage  management companies:

ZSVS a.s., STVPS, PVPS a.s., BVS a.s., TVK a.s.

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