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Pump lift stations
for wastewate

Pump lift stations (PLS) for wastewater are part of the sewage system and they are used to move wastewater from lower elevations to a gravity system at higher elevation, usually having a drain to the wastewater treatment plant  (WWTP). Wastewater lift stations are generally made according to STN EN 752 and they meet the requirements of STN EN 16932 - "Drainage and sewerage systems outside buildings. Pumping systems".

The overall concept of a PLS depends on its size and layout, pump type and design, method of safeguarding, etc. This concept is also influenced by many local factors related to the installation site. 


  • We always adapt the pump lift stations to the maximum possible inflow of wastewater, terrain profile and delivery head.
    It is always necessary to adapt the PLS with consideration of the design hydraulic load to the WWTP from the catchment area concerned.
  • To avoid clogging of pumps, we use sludge pumps equipped with a single-bladed helical impeller of SPIRAM type with minimum free ball passage of approx. 60 mm. A single impeller blade creates a channel through which not only solid particles of large diameters but also long debris pass without clogging (unlike smaller ball passage or an application of cutting (crushing) mechanisms which often lead to clogging of discharge line or to  formation of deposits (crushed material causes considerable problems for WWTPs as well)).
  • We always design the pump capacity with a sufficient reserve (volume to be pumped, electric motor power). 
  • We use a pressure sensor (or an ultrasonic sensor on request) for continuous level measurement in the sump and the float switches for alarm purposes or level control (pump protection against dry running).
  • If required, the pump protection against dry running can be disabled and the sump completely emptied to the bottom (elimination of surface cake formation). Another alternative includes the use of a pre-whirl system located on the sump bottom.
  • If required, we install a pipe cleaning adapter with a quick bayonet coupling on the discharge line to facilitate cleaning the piping system.
  • If required, we provide the pump lift station with a forced ventilation system to ventilate the interior of the sump.
  • We run the power cables between the inner space of the PLS and the external electrical switchboard gas-tight due to the potential leakage of odours from the pump station to the switchboard, which causes damage to the internal electrical equipment. If required, an odour control enclosure (connection box) can be installed.
  • PLS are safeguarded against intrusion or theft.


The main component of PLSs are pump nits, which meet the requirements for stable operation without clogging, high efficiency for low operating costs and have a high safety factor for long operating life.


  • Centrifugal pumps with single-bladed helical impeller SPIRAM + accessories (thanks to the impeller with a single blade, not only the maximum free ball passage of large-diameter solid particles but also free passage of long objects is achieved, which allows to handle fibrous particles such as long fabrics, etc. As a result of robust construction according to ISO 5199 standards and efficiency up to 91%, minimum operating costs can be achieved).   
  • Ball check-valves
  • Knife gate valve for wastewater
  • Piping system /stainless steel, HDPE, PP...)
  • Flow meter  (on demand)
  • Pipe cleaning adapter (on request)
  • Bleed valve (if necessary)
  • Pre-whirl (on demand)

* In the case of reconstruction to the original pump lift station equipped with the small-diameter discharge piping (e.g. DN50) and it is impossible to replace the pipes, TSURUMI C series pumps equipped with cutting mechanism are installed. The combination of a semi-open impeller with high solids passage (min. 27 mm) and a cutter ensures disintegration of the solid particle so that it can be pumped, but does not cause its complete crushing. TSURUMI pumps with a patented system for operation in dry running conditions are highly reliable and their operating life is many times longer that of conventional pumps with cutter impeller.


  • Electric switchboard for pump control, housed in a separate cabinet outside the sump (on request + connection odour control box) with at least IP54 protection class and lockable door, behind which there is a control panel, switchboard electric components, eventually telemetry components as well.  The pump lift station can be controlled on-site/remotely, including signalization of individual operating statuses. 
  • Fluid level measurement for level-dependant control of pump lift station (double level measurement: continuous measurement - analog sensor (pressure, or ultrasonic on request) in conjunction with a mechanical contact switch).
  • Complete electrical equipment to ensure smooth, trouble-free and automatic operation.


  • Set of basic standards
  • Pump data sheet
  • Motor data sheet
  • Pump station drawings -.dwg file format
  • Pump station drawings - .ifc file format (REVIT)
  • List of equipment, bill of materials
  • Design of control logic and electrical equipment

PRAKTIKPUMP, s.r.o. has available standards for the pump lift stations, in which the requirements relating to the design of pump stations, construction, machine-technology and electric part, etc. of the pump stations are described in detail. The standards are developed on the basis of many years of experience in the field concerned and they comply with the latest applicable technical standards and legislation.

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