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Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment,  we perform a wide range of specialized diagnostic activities in order to determine and evaluate the condition of the machinery serviced, as follows:

The assessment of hydraulic part of the machine (pump) includes:

  • Pressure testing of installations, systems
  • Y Specific energy (head)
  • Q Volumetric flow rate
  • Ƞc Overall efficiency

The assessment of mechanic part of the machine (pump) includes:

  • Vibrodiagnostics of machines (vibration intensity, bearings condition, unbalance, machine anchoring...)
  • Frequency characteristic (determining the machine frequency spectrum)
  • Tribodiagnostics (oil lubricants monitoring)
  • Measuring the alignment of shafts and couplings using a laser device
  • Pressure testing of installations (Tightness, leaks)
  • Thermodiagnostics (Temperature distribution in construction node)

The assessment of electric part of the machine (pump) includes:

  • Measuring the basic electrical quantities ( U, I, P)
  • The SCHLEICH MotorAnalyzer2 is used to analyse the condition of an electric drive through 11 test methods  (insulation and leakage resistance, short-circuits between turns, surge, inductance, impedance, capacitance, …),

All used devices and apparatus enable the measured values to be recorded and then exported to the resulting protocol of measurements, tests or adjustments.

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