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A specialized team is engaged in repairs to electric drives in our service centre. The workshop is equipped with all instruments, tools and technological equipment necessary to ensure top quality of services provided.

The most important equipment includes:

  • SCHLEICH MotorAnalyzer2 which is used to determine the condition of an electric drive through 11 test methods ((insulation and leakage resistance, short-circuits between turns, surge, inductance, impedance, capacitance, etc..)
  • A vibrodiagnostic device to run diagnostics on electric motor without the need of its disassembly - it is intended to detect the condition of bearing and potential imbalance of the rotor.
  • Electric coil winder machine equipped with an automatic counter recording the number of turns.
  • An impregnation bath
  • An impregnation curing oven equipped with digital process control system

In our service centre, we perform repairs to following electric motors and equipment:

  • Squirrel-cage induction motors 1F and 3F
  • Synchronous electric motors
  • Slip ring electric motors
  • Electric gearboxes
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Electric motor for submersible pumps
  • Coils
  • Transformers

Repairs to the electrical machines and equipment include:

Complete diagnostics of mechanical and electrical condition, vibrodiagnostics (if necessary at the customer's installation site), replacement of bearings, replacement of seals, replacement/repair of bearing shields, repair/modification of rotor  bearing housing (re-encapsulation), coil rewinding including impregnation and drying in the curing over, rotor balancing, surface treatment after repair.

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