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SPC from PRAKTIKPUMP stands for making processes of maintaining and servicing machines and equipment absolutely streamlined.

In practice, e.g. where a pump is concerned, this means that you are exactly aware of its technical details, parameters or recommended operation. You have available complete history of repairs and intervention to it.

You are automatically notified by the software of routine maintenance tasks that prevent a pump failure. In case of a need for servicing intervention associated with disassembly, you exactly where the pump is, at what stage of its repair, when it will be reassembled and what the price for will be.

All processes are visible in real time, which would be beneficial for your staff at all levels. In short, we are talking about an ongoing overview of servicing, which leads to simplification of processes, shortening the deadlines for repairs, or reducing a number of repairs.


A significant reduction in operating costs is a guaranteed side benefit from implementation of our SPC software.

The savings result from an increase in effectivity of servicing interventions and making direct maintenance costs transparent. Thanks to the use of mobile technologies, planning is accelerated, downtimes are reduced, errors in the performance of work and its documentation are eliminated, and overall management of your technical staff is more efficient.

With regard to the currently rising costs of maintenance and operation, we are talking about a tool that can accurately identify potential sources of savings are located.

Moreover, the software is a great management tool for making necessary decisions, whether to justify the eligible costs associated with your activities or new projects.


By using the SPC software from PRAKTIKPUMP, the safety and reliability of equipment operation and technologies of a water management company can be significantly increased.

On the one side, failures are prevented and, if predictive diagnostics is available, the occurrence of technology outages is essentially eliminated.

On the other side, any servicing intervention is performed in the shortest possible time. This results in reduced water leaks and interruptions in drinking water and wastewater facilities.


Application of latest technologies, effective and smart processes is an attribute of each modern company.

SPC from PRAKTIKPUMP is a tool that ensures to meet this definition.  The software is also a gateway to any other innovative tools in the industry. It enables the application of sensors, thanks to which the machines themselves communicate their technical condition in real time without the need for inspection or disassembly.

All this results in the highest level of automation and efficiency of machinery maintenance, which is a predictive diagnostics.