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The uniqueness of PumpDetect technical solution lies in the sensing technology.

Sensors are mounted directly on rotating machines (e.g. pumps) and through sensing physical quantities and their subsequent processing are capable to monitor the technical status of the machine at a given time and predict its possible damage as well. Simultaneously, the sensors supervise the operation of the machine so that it works at the most optimal operating point, thus saving electricity.

This technical approach thus guarantees the most efficient operation of the pump at any time during its operation.

consists of 4 parts:

PumpDetect Monitor

sensors to control the technical status, positioned on a rotating Machen i

PumpDetect Gateway

communication module (computerized) to transmit data to the Cloud

SPC Platform

comprehensive software platform for the management and maintenance of equipment and technologies


mobile application for collecting and evaluating measured data



The PumpDetect Monitor sensors are mounted directly on a rotating machine. As part of IoT solutions, we encountered two challenges in their development.  First, how to perform sensing of a large number of parameters so that the power consumed by the equipment is not great.  Second, how to transmit this data over IoT networks that only allow a limited amount of data to be sent per day. Our technical solution to overcome these issues consists in processors and a unique design of power supply. Each sensor has its own processor which is used to adjust the data in order to minimize data size prior to transmission, while the sensors use the machine electric motor to be powered.


Transmission module

used for data transmission. It is possible to use ZigBee network, SigFox, Bluetooth or Lora as well as but also GSM and send data directly to the Cloud. Each module has the same base plate needed for the units to communicate each other, giving each unit the ability to measure vibration and temperature.

Power supply module

primarily used to provide power required for operation of the entire  sensor system and sensing electrical quantities (current and frequency measurement). Also this unit also has a basic module enabling to measure vibrations and temperature. The power supply and measurement device is non-invasively placed in the terminal block of the electric motor and the cable is routed through a grommet, thus keeping the IP protection rating of the machine unaffected. Such a sensing therefore does not interfere with the electric motor, so it does not affect its operation or, for example, its warranty conditions.  Moreover, this module provides options for installation of any sensor with outputs (0-5V analog, 4-20mA analog, I2C, SPI/SSI, UART).

Sensor module

ready for connection of any type of standard sensors (pressure sensor, flow meter, humidity sensor, etc.) with outputs (0-5V analog, 4-20mA analog, I2C, SPI/SSI, UART). The whole system is arranged in the form of a bus bar for connection of an unlimited number of sensors (256 units for one position).

Data is afterwards sent to the PumpDetect Gateway communication module via a low-energy transmission system. Since IoT transmissions are not yet very stable, GSM transmissions are primarily used for data transmission to the Cloud (or to the own data storage location). The system is standardized and it is possible, for example where the communication module is located in the electric switchboard,  to send data to the customer's superior system or control room via a standard communication protocol (e.g. Modbus, BackNet) without the need to send data to the SPC platform. Subsequently, these data are network sent, e.g. via GSM, to the Cloud on the main SPC platform.